We’re stoked to announce the addition of skater Lloyd McLeggon to the Melon Optics team. Check out his welcome edit and profile below:

D.O.B:  22/03/1990

Years Riding: 8 years

Sponsors: Melon Optics, Pariah Skateboards, Supertoxic Urethane, Creative Skate Store, Signature Clothing, Odessa Footwear

Current Setup: 8.38″ Pariah logo board,5.5 venture high trucks, Andale swiss bearings, 51mm wasteman Supertoxic Urethane wheels, Diamond hardware

Street or Tranny: Street all day

Favourite Spot: Urbis in manchester, get those ledge tricks mastered

Favourite Feel Good Trick: right now, heelflips

Current Track on Repeat: 50 cent – life’s on the line

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