This is your opportunity to join the Melon team as our graphic designer in Bali. We are looking for someone who can join our team and become a force in helping to grow the Melon brand long-term through his / her design skills. In time this position may turn into a location independent role meaning that you would be able to have extended periods working away from the office. We are looking for a design visionary with the right fit for our contemporary company culture. Interested? Read on to find out more!

Position: Graphic Designer

Salary – 6,000,000rp – 8,000,000rp / month, dependent on experience

Location – Canggu, Bali

Employees – 8-10

Office Language – English

Who are we?

We set up Melon in 2013 with the aim to create the world’s best service driven, custom eyewear experience. Now a team of six and growing fast, we have offices both in Bali and the UK, with distribution across Europe and America and Asia. Bali for us is like a home away from home, providing a perfect lifestyle balance and great place to network and grow the Melon brand.

What’s it like to work for us?

Melon is probably unlike most companies that you have worked for. We are young, small, dynamic and are able to adjust to changing markets quickly. We don’t believe in uniforms, set office hours, set holidays and we allow our employees a great deal of freedom. We base effective work on results achieved, rather than hours spent in the office. Whilst we expect hard work and solid results from you, we are happy to offer flexibility and freedom, as well as a great remuneration package in return.

What are we looking for from you?

We are looking for someone who passionate about creating exceptional visual and user experiences for the Melon brand. You will be in charge of all customer facing aspects of our brand design, from website graphics, to POS and packaging, through to our email design and social media. Ideally you will have a strong passion for fashion or lifestyle brands and a good understanding of eCommerce. Your portfolio will showcase strong skills of typography and layout and we will expect you to have a good awareness of contemporary web design. We want to allow you as much freedom as we feel is possible in this role, so previous experience or interest in art direction may be beneficial.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Create a strong and consistent visual identity for the Melon brand across all digital and physical platforms.
  • Design and create our website graphics to be optimised for both desktop and mobile and communicate your designs with our web developer.
  • Design our packaging and POS materials
  • Design and create our marketing emails.
  • Design and create our lookbooks
  • Support the content team in webpage layouts.

Sounds awesome! What skills do I need?

We’re looking for a go getter, a visionary and someone who gets things done. We understand that you’re most likely not going to stay with us forever (but maybe you will), but whilst you are with us we want you to share our vision and be passionate about our business. In return we will we will offer you fantastic experience and support you in developing your career into the future whether that is within Melon, with another company or freelance.

Technical Requirements:

  • 2-5 years professional experience with references
  • Fully fluent in english both written and spoken
  • Well organised in terms of files and folders.
  • Strong creative skills (typography, layout, color, composition)
  • Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign) is essential
  • Illustration skills strongly beneficial
  • Fashion retail marketing experience is highly beneficial
  • Ability to prioritise and manage time efficiently
  • An excellent understanding of artwork, print, production and finishing processes
  • Strong communication and presentation skills

Personal Requirements:

You’ve created something. We don’t care what it is, a business, a blog, a race car, a massive Instagram account…we want to see that you are proactive and seeing projects that you’ve worked on in the past helps us to gauge that.

You get things done. Whilst we will be there to help guide you and integrate you into our team, we don’t want to be constantly micromanaging you. This role in time will offer you a lot of freedom, but will require you to be proactive in starting a job and finishing it.

You spot opportunities. Everyone sees the world differently and opportunities that may seeming glaringly obvious to one person may fly over another person’s head. We miss opportunities all the time and we want you to be on the lookout for the things we’re missing and capitalise on them.

You understand the power of connections. You’re not afraid to reach out to people to offer help, ask for help or connect.

You share our values. Whilst we won’t always agree on everything, we do want the right person for the job to share our values. The way we do business is far from traditional and we want to make sure that you’ll fit in the right way with the team.

You understand our market. Whilst we’re not saying that you have to surf, snowboard and constantly be travelling, we do expect you to have a good understanding of our market and industry. The fact that most of the team are in our target demographic allows us to keep our eyes on the ball with what is going on in our industry and stay relevant as a brand.

You’re not afraid to speak up. We want someone who can bring new ideas to the table. These are the things that help us grow. Whilst they may not always be implemented, they will always be listened to and considered.  

Final words…

We are looking for people who are open to a different way of life and are able to work independently. We want someone who is hungry and is prepared to put a lot of time and effort into growing Melon into the best brand it can possibly be. We work hard (really hard) and you’ll need to show a lot of initiative in order to make an impact. The flipside is that we play hard too and working with us will probably be unlike any other company that you have worked for.

How do I apply?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Fill out the application form
  • Send us any information or links to work you’ve done that might be relevant
  • Upload a 3-5 minute YouTube video letting us know who you are and why you would be good at this position (set it as private and send us the link via the application form)

The application process is:

Step 1: You submit all application material.  (Deadline: August 1st 2016)

Step 2: We review submissions and schedule first interview (Starting late July 2016)

Step 3: Second interview and final decision (Early August 2016)

Step 4: Successful applicant will be informed (Middle of August 2016)

Step 5: Successful applicant starts work in Bali (Third week in August 2016)

If you’re thinking about applying but worried you might not have enough of what we’re looking for – believe us now…you’re better than you think you are! Even if the position may not be the perfect fit for you right now, we’d love to get to know you a little better and we’re sure there will be plenty of opportunities for us to work together in the future.

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