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Ever wondered why we sell polarised and non-polarised lenses? What the difference is? Why we haven’t explained any of this to you? Well read on and let us answer the first two questions while rectifying the last one!


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What’s the deal with polarised sunglasses?

For years polarised sunglasses have been a handy piece of kit for boaters and fishermen, who need to reduce reflected glare from the waters surrounding them. But as we all enjoy a more active outdoor lifestyle, the benefits of polarised lenses are being realised; interest has soared within the action sports community, all who enjoy a clear view coupled with the elimination of glare.

Polarised Vs Non-polarised Comparison


What is polarised light and polarised glare?

Polarised light is a concentration of light waves moving in the same direction and along the same plane. Light can be considered to be like a wave that vibrates in several directions (it can vibrate up-and-down or side-to-side), and polarised glare is caused by light waves vibrating horizontally. This polarised glare can actually cause eye fatigue, headaches or temporary blindness, which can all lead to an increased chance in collisions or injuries.


How do polarised lenses help?

Polarised lenses have an embedded chemical film in which the molecules are physically lined up to create “slots” through which light can pass. Picture a Venetian blind hanging in front of a window on a sunny day –  the blinds will block all the light except which can pass through the openings.


Polarised Sunglasses design


On polarised sunglasses, these openings are horizontal, so the lens allows incoming rays of light that are already positioned to fit through those openings – light that is in the same horizontal orientation. This means that when you are holding your head upright, your polarised lenses will block out the vertically-aligned waves coming at you, drastically reducing glare from the water’s surface, or the shiny surface of a road. These vertically oriented “polarisers” act almost like a high-tech Venetian Blind, and filter out the reflected light.




Anything else?

Being a technically advanced lens leads to higher manufacturing costs, meaning polarised sunglasses are more expensive than non-polarised sunglasses. However, this is an investment that protects an irreplaceable asset; whether you surf, ski, bike or board (or just enjoy spending a lot of time in the outdoors) polarised sunglasses could increase your comfort, while protecting your sight.

Something to be cautious of concerning polarised lenses is that they may reduce the visibility of images produced by LCD (liquid crystal display) screens found on your mobile phone, watch or on bank machines.

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