Ambassador Stories.

In this blog series we will be diving into the minds of Melon’s ambassadors: gaining an insight into their sport, and how their passion drives them to succeed in it. First up is British Professional Windsurfer Adam Lewis, who is currently slaying on the PWA World Cup tour. Read on for Adam’s story, and some epic shots of him in the surf…


How did you get started in windsurfing?

I guess with my Dad, he windsurfed loads in the 80’s as he and my Mum lived in the Middle East. He stopped when they came back to the UK. Then when I was around 15 we talked about him starting again and me learning. It kinda just snowballed from there, I really enjoyed it. I’d done loads of sports before but windsurfing was really tricky to learn, I guess I really enjoyed the challenge of it.




At what point did you start taking windsurfing really seriously and realise your ambitions to pursue it as your profession?

Well, I only ever really remembering that I wanted to be good at it. I never really had any competitive visions or dreams. The winder it got and the higher I could jump the more I had fun. To start with I just wanted to be able to windsurf or surf and be in the ocean as much as possible. To be a professional was such a far away dream, I had never really thought of a game plan to get there! Then I was lucky enough to get a wild card to a PWA world tour event, I won the best jump contest and got through enough heats in the main event to qualify for the rest of the year on tour, I haven’t looked back since!





What’s been your favourite moment so far in your windsurfing career?

I won the PWA World Tour Siam park event this year, that was probably the the contest highlight. Apart from that perhaps the my 2nd year I was on tour I managed to finish in the top 10, I had some good contracts lined up and It was the real moment I realised that I’d made it, such a bizarre feeling to have such a far away dream come true.




What are you planning in the future that you are stoked on?

Well, there is so much to be stoked about! I’m pretty terrible at planning but I’m going to West Australia this winter so Im really looking forward to that!



If you weren’t a windsurfer, what would you like to be doing?

Probably a plumber, I had an apprenticeship lined up when I started on tour. Where I live all the “Tradies” are always surfing when its pumping! Seemed like a good way to work, be self-employed and get in the water as much as possible.




To the readers who are looking at getting into windsurfing, what advice would you give them?

Don’t give up and enjoy it, simple haha!




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