Since we started Melon, our focus has always been on the journey and the process, never on the final outcome. It ensures that we never become complacent and continuously work to create a better Melon than yesterday, be it our products, culture or service. Indonesia has always held a special place in our hearts and setting up Melon with offices in both the UK and Bali was no accident, allowing us to combine work with daily surfs and intermittent adventures to neighbouring islands, lush jungles and pristine beaches.

True pioneers of a life less ordinary, our friends Rory and Andy recently escaped Bali with a great crew and set off on a short adventure to the neighboring Gili Islands for some R&R, coral fringed beaches, underwater exploration and horse driven transport.

Having recently returned back to the big island, they popped by our Bali HQ with hard-drives full of epic footage and stories of their trip. Check out some of the better moments and look forward to seeing more from their upcoming trips!

Ash sipping cocktails in the Melon Echo Sunglasses


Ash wearing the Melon Echo Sunglasses

@thefriendlypirate, @nathalya.cabral

Underwater in the Gili Islands

Tropical Melon
@thefriendlypirate, @nathalya.cabral

Tropical Fun

@rjbrowntown, @krisgoman


Rory wearing the Melon Layback Sunglasses

Rory in the Echo Sunglasses

Nathalya enjoying some pineapple with her Melon Echo Sunglasses

Gili Islands Melon Optics Boat Trip
@thefriendlypirate, @nathalya.cabral, @krisgoman

Gili Island Bicycle Trips in the Melon Echo Sunglasses

Canoeing in the Gili Islands in the Melon Layback Sunglasses


Boat Jumping in Paradise

@thefriendlypirate, @nathalya.cabral, @rjbrowntown

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