Seth van den Abeele and Conor Fletcher have spent many weekends ripping around the incredible natural playground of the South African Atlantis Dunes.

Growing up in Cape Town, the boys uncovered this dream spot just 45 minutes outside of their home town when they were growing up searching for new places to get their moto fix!

Having seen the boys photos over the years we just had to get involved!

We packaged up a box of Melon goggles for the boys, enlisted the lens skills of Eric “Shin” Palmer, and joined them and Recked Industries on their latest session shredding the white sands. Here’s a selection of banging photos from the weekend that’ll make you want to get out and go rip!

A true white sandy playground made for getting banger shots like this of Seth!!


Seth takes things to the air


Conor showing his skills in the ruts


The boys have confidence after riding here for some time


No harm in showing off a little huh Seth!


Conor getting low


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