If you’re not familiar with the name Tyler Chorlton we implore you to take some time to consume a back catalogue of movies featuring arguably the most effortless and stylish rider to come out of the UK (try Lockdown’s “Showoffs”, Pirate’s “Boardbagged 3“, “Overseas“, “Jolly Roger“, “Hooked“, “Bottom Line” and Wewantfilms “Levity” as a start!)

Residing in Andorra, Tyler has long been known as the guy who can throw the most insane front flips off the tiniest bump, and is now at the forefront of the carving revolution with his signature elbow carve taking Instagram by storm!

We hung out with Tyler at Snowboard Spring Break in Kaunertal as he shred the insanely fun side hits with his homie Roland Morley Brown. Checks it!!!

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