Let’s face it, most of us don’t find ourselves boosting huge gaps, dropping desert rock faces, or nose bonking tree stumps as we descend the trail…but we do find ourselves sharing the same feelings of pure love and obsession for one of the planet’s greatest sports.

To celebrate all riders no matter the level, we’re stoked to introduce “REAL RIDERS” a series of blogs profiling riders from the Melon community across the globe.

Expect to meet fellow shred lovers from a variety of countries and backgrounds all with a passion for two wheel adventure.

Our first profile is Anita, you’ll find her either riding her bike, or snapping photos in the mountains of Ezcaray, Spain.

Read on to find out more about Anita and her passion for two wheels…

Women riding mountain bike

Where is home for you? Home is into the woods, in the forest, surrounded by nature, no matter where it is. But I live in the North of Spain and I really enjoy the trails we have here.

Where did you last ride? My last ride was yesterday in the mountains of Ezcaray, a beautiful village in La Rioja. There are some enduro trails that the Enduro Ezcaray crew are cleaning, designing and building.

What 3 words would your buddies use to describe you? Yesterday I asked them and they think of me as adventurous, outgoing and a perfectionist.

Female smiling wearing goggles around neck

What would you do to improve the sport? First of all, education and respect for the environment, other riders, hikers, people you meet on the mountain.
And as a woman, and through discussions with others, we believe that this sport still suffers from a certain sexism, not giving the support, the same opportunities or prizes in races. In addition, the fact that we are people, not just a female body, is often not respected. Our dream is to stop sexually objectifying, to normalise and value the presence of women in the workplace, in sport and in every moment and place.

What would be your tips to someone new to riding? Be patient, the results are not immediate. Focus on enjoying each outing, the surroundings, your buddies. In the end that’s what counts.

How do you overcome fear? Changing the I can’t to I will do it. If I feel very blocked, I have two options: Either I take a break, get more distance to get more speed and inertia and face the obstacle; or if I don’t see it clearly that day, I get off the bike and try it the next time. Sometimes it’s better to let it rest.

Female riding off drop on mountain bike

Are there any conditions you won’t ride in? Well, to be honest, I don´t really like hot temperatures. In summer I prefer riding in the earliest or latest hours in order to avoid the heat. Or even a night ride, it’s really fun!

Breakfast of choice? I don’t usually have breakfast, only a black coffee. But if I had to choose, coffee or tea, scrambled eggs, Serrano ham and avocado.

Any bad crashes? It wasn’t a big fall, but I tore my anterior cruciate ligament and surgery was needed.

Female rider on bike in front of tree

What has helped you become a better rider? All those tips, techniques and videos help, of course. I’ve read books, magazines, I’ve watched several tutorials, I’ve been taught technique; but without a doubt, what works the most in my case is attitude. Wanting to learn. If you don’t practice, you don’t improve. If you always put it off for another day, you don’t evolve. If you change “I can’t” for “I’m going to do it”, everything transforms.

Other hobbies or passions? I enjoy other sports like trekking, calisthenics and weightlifting. My passion is sports photography, related to mtb and travel. And I am keen on music, reading and watching films.

Sum up how MTB makes you feel in one sentence – For me, mountain biking is health, fun, mind peace, playing with my inner-child and reconnecting with myself.

Anita’s Setup:

Bike: Commencal clash

Helmet: 100% Trajecta

Riding shoes: Shimano AM5

Jersey: We’ve designed our own jerseys with our logo and I usually wear them.

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