Meet Maria founder of Valkyrie MTB a female focused coaching service based in Tyrol, Austria.

Maria’s passion is to explore the mountains, and she loves nothing more than helping women find their confidence and flow on a bike.

Read on to find more about Maria…

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Where is home for you? I’m originally from the south of Sweden, but I live in Innsbruck, Tyrol in the heart of the Austrian alps since 2000.

Where did you last ride? This morning, checking a tour close to Seefeld that I will guide on Saturday.

Favourite place to ride? I think I have to say Kronplatz’s Herrensteig is the best trail ever! Sorry Bikepark Innsbruck – I love you too:-) I also love to explore around Innsbruck, as I am then starting right from my doorstep and I often discover new trails.

What three words would your riding buddies use to describe you? I asked my crew and they said: Always fun, always up for a ride, always caring (kind of brought a tear to my eye <3)

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What would you do to improve the sport? New laws and legislation to make the process of building new trails in Tyrol easier or even possible.

Are there any riders out there that inspire you? Oh so many! Ludi Scholz, Emily Horridge, Kathi Kuypers, Verena Böhm-Hennes, Rachel Atherton, Anna Weiss. Also, they may not all ride bikes, but I will take the opportunity to show solidarity with every single woman in Afghanistan who has lost their right to exist – I am grateful for the freedom I have, and every trail from now on will be for the ones who no longer have theirs.

How do you overcome fear? Ride, ride, ride, and when your feel totally confident with your ability to brake and get off the bike safely, slowly and step by step start exposing yourself to your fear spots whilst staying in control. Talk and think positively to and about yourself and your abilities and focus on all cool things you can do instead of the things you can’t. If this does not help take a Mental Strength seminar with Kerstin Kögler.

What are your top tips to someone who is new to riding? Book a course!

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What is one piece of advice you would give to your younger self? Stop caring about what others think about you and just be proud of who you are!

Breakfast of choice? 200g Skyr, 30g protein müsli, fresh fruits and berries, 1 boiled egg + 1 egg white and of course: a bucket of coffee!

Any bad crashes? Nothing super crazy as I tend to tangle myself off the bike at times when least expected and at low speed – like on the flats, in front of the lift…stuff like that…

If you could star in your own riding movie what locations would you go to and who else would feature? I would probably head to Engadin in Schweiz as the trails there are fun, wild, long and kept in perfect shape for hikers and bikers together and the panorama is breathtaking, and I would bring my homies girls crew The Dark Riders + Ludi .-)

Female mountain biker

Sum up how MTB makes you feel in one sentence or less: Free, happy, strong, stoked!

Any shout outs? Massive shoutout to my family and especially to my husband Tom for being the best ever. Next one goes to my long time partner Specialized for supporting me for almost a decade. Making it possible for me to help and motivate so many women to discover mountain biking and hopefully add value to their lives.

Maria’s Setup:

Bikes: Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon in Medium, Specialized Levo Comp S3, Specialized Enduro Comp carbon s2, Specialized P3

Helmets: Specialized Ambush / Specialized S-works Dissident

Riding shoes: Specialized Rime Flat

Favourite MTB clothing brand: Guess three times, haha! Though, I also really like Mons Royal.

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Get more info on her coaching services Valkyrie MTB.

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