We’re stoked to announce that UK skier Andy Matthew has joined the Melon Optics Team. We had a little chat with Andy and this is what he had to say:

From: Kirriemuir, Scotland

D.O.B: 10th July 1990

Years Riding: Skiing 21, Racing 10 (6-16), Freeskiing 7

Current Setup: Faction Skis, Marker Bindings, Dalbello Boots, Wigwam Socks, BawBags underwear and under layers, Faction Outerwear and Melon Optics

Sponsors: Faction Skis, Extreme, Freeze Pro Shop, Melon Optics, BawBags

Favourite Ski Area: Breckenridge, CO or Glenshee, Scotland

Favourite Trick: Kangaroo Flip

Worst Injury: 

I was competing in Park City for the 2011 World Championships and I suffered Severe head trauma in the last training run. It was poor conditions and a bit of poor judgement from me and i ended up taking the knuckle of the last jump predominantly on my head and a little on my shoulder. 3 days in Hospital and I discharged myself and flew home, which I don’t remember, or the first week back home. Either that or skiing a winter season with a shoulder that dislocated 2 or 3 times a week and resulted in surgery.

Favourite Thing (After Skiing): 

I love having fun, and after winter I try and have as much as possible while I’m not working. Any kind of “extreme sport” I love. I used to be a big fan of my rollerblading and Downhill MTBing.

Rails or Kickers?

Kickers are my passion, I love the feeling of flying through the air, especially when your upside down or spinning. Rails are fun as well and I’m definitely becoming more of a fan of them where I used to avoid them as much as possible!



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