Which sunglasses suit my face shape?

When it comes to sunglasses, buying without trying can be a pretty daunting task. But turn that frown upside down, the Melon team have been at it again, working night and day to make sure that you never buy the wrong pair of sunglasses again! …ahhh we are too good to you.

Check out the super simple guide we’ve created, showing you how to decide which sunglasses styles will suit your face best. Thank us later when everyone is telling you how great those new sunglasses look on you!

Figuring Out Your Face Shape

Don’t know your face shape? No problemo. We advise you to wet your hair, grab a bar of soap and a mirror. Pull all hair away from your face, look straight in the mirror and draw a line around your face with a wet bar of soap. Hey presto! Now you have your face shape. Onto the fun part, it’s time to see what suits you…



A strong jaw with large cheek bones

sunglasses that suit square faces

With strong and wide facial features, sunnies with soft lines or rimless edges are your match made in heaven.

Recommended : Layback 2 – Echo – Tripper – Nomad

Avoid : Angular, Horizontal, harsh angles

Melon Blog David (2) copy


Our Layback is suited to Oval, Heart-shaped and Round faces

Melon Blog Kristy (2) copy



A longer than wider face with balanced forehead and jaw

sunglasses that suit oblong faces

It’s good to be you. Thank your parents for the fantastic genetics and get busy making choices. With an oval face you’re blessed with the fact that you can pull off pretty much any look.

Recommended : Layback – Echo – Layback 2 – Nomad – Cali – Stanton

Avoid : Your face shape is super versatile, just remember face size; don’t go too big or too small for your face

Melon Blog Marine 1 copy


Our Echo is suited to Square, Oval and Heart-shaped faces

Melon Blog Chris copy 2



A broad forehead combined with a narrower jaw and chin

sunglasses that suit heart shape faces

Thin rimmed rounded models are your best friend, while sunglasses that feature wide lower edges with no straight lines along the top work especially well, as they shift attention downward and elongate the face.

Recommended : Echo – Layback – Tripper

Avoid : Top heavy or wide frames

Melon Blog David (1) copy

Our Layback 2 is suited to a Square, Oval & Round face



Round, full cheekbones; facial width and height are equal

round zoomed 1


Show off those killer curves! Your face has noticeable curves and less defined angles. Your sunnies should lack curved features while emphasizing sharp angular lines that will help elongate your face and make it look thinner and sharper.

Recommended : Layback – Layback 2 – Stanton – Cali

Avoid: Straight Lines

Melon Blog Kristy 1 copy

Our Echo sunglasses on an Oval face


So there you have it! With your face shape all figured out, say goodbye to those sleepless nights worrying about what style of sunglasses you should be rocking. Feels good with that weight off your shoulders right? Now you know which sunglasses style is yours to own, it’s time to design your perfect pair! Head to our customiser page by clicking this link.

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