There’s a reason ZEISS are known as the leading snow lens engineers throughout the snowboarding and skiing industry.

Specifically designed for alpine winter sports, ZEISS snow lenses protect the eyes from all the elements. Due to the reflection off the snow, sunlight is much more intense in the mountains and ZEISS lenses have been designed to protect the eyes from the reflection, wind, and most importantly, the ultraviolet rays, which are more aggressive than usual because of the high altitude and snow reflection.


Effective UV protection – even in extreme sunlight

Nowhere is the blinding effect of the sun or glare worse than in the mountains. The result : your eyes are exposed to significantly more solar UV-A and UV-B radiation than usual. ZEISS snow lenses filter 100% of this radiation up to a wavelength of 400 nanometres, providing reliable protection for your eyes against the dangers and possible damage caused by sunlight.




Read the Slopes Right

The special coating on Zeiss lenses help you read the slopes better – especially when vision is compromised – providing you with added comfort and safety in unfamiliar terrain. A mirror coating is recommended for strong light, while uncoated are perfect for low light conditions. Through ZEISS lens colours and contrasts are enhanced – the spectral curve of the tint acts as a blue attenuator, but allows some of the blue light through so that you can have clear visibility and understand exactly what the terrain looks like.

ZEISS lenses give you the ability to read the slopes better as uneven areas in the snow become easier to recognise. With less glare from snow or icy surfaces, better detail rendition, greater contrast and additional protection against sunlight.

No more Fogging!

Spending a day on the slopes can give you very tired eyes when your goggles keep misting up. To combat this fatigue, all ZEISS lenses have an internal coating designed to eliminate this annoying and dangerous problem in standard weather conditions. In the event of high humidity or extreme drops in temperature, the treatment is less effective.


Experience ZEISS lenses and enjoy your time on the mountains to the absolute fullest. With ZEISS lenses you are guaranteed superior optical vision no matter what the conditions, giving you the most comfortable and safest experience possible when you hit the slopes.

Design your own Chief or Jackson Goggle, which both come with ZEISS lenses as standard.

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