Ambassador Stories.

Our 3rd featured rider of the “Ambassador Stories” series is Slovenian MTB hard-hitter Linda Paluc, who is currently tearing trails in Queensland, New Zealand. Read on for Linda’s story, and check out some killer shots of her on those NZ hills…


How did you get started in MTB?

It was a misty spring of 2009. The wind was so cold you could feel it in your bones. Haha just kidding. Actually I was always into challenging sports. I could never play volleyball, like all the girls, but I sure loved snowboarding and horseback riding. I actually have to thank my friends whom I met at the acrobatic trainings for snowboarding 8 years ago. They are the ones who introduced me to MTB.

At what point did you start taking biking really seriously and realise your 
ambitions to pursue it as your profession?

Taking it serious would be the wrong word. I’d say I learned I could do more with it, than just daily riding for myself. I simply always knew my bike would take me places and I listened to my gut.


What’s been your favourite moment so far in your career?

It’s hard to define one specific moment. The whole package of traveling the world and meeting amazing people is definitely what keeps me going.


Where is your favourite place to ride?

Not a hard question, Whistler, for sure. Spending a while there and getting to know every single bit of all the trails, makes it even better. It will always be a part of my heart and I can’t wait to get back there at some point.


What are you planning in the future that you are stoked on?

I’m currently living in Queenstown, New Zealand, with my significant other and my most important short term goal at the moment, is getting all the papers ready, so I can stay here. This (southern hemisphere) summer, I definitely plan riding at the Skyline bike park as much as possible, because it’s 3 minutes away from my work 🙂 no doubt that I’ll film something here as well.


If you weren’t riding bikes, what would you like to be doing?

I don’t know really. If I’d stay on my old tracks, I’d probably be snowboarding. But if we fantasise a bit, I definitely wouldn’t mind being a millionaire and cruising around with a big boat haha! 🙂


Who should we be looking out for in the riding scene?

The most valuable thing to have is a good riding crew. Good people are the ones that make the riding scene good.


To the readers who are looking to pursue a career in MTB, what advice

would you give them?

Spend as much time as possible on your bike, put every single penny into traveling around with your bike, meet new people, if you have business skills – use them 😉 and most importantly – stay yourself!


How can people follow you/contact you?

The good old Instagram (lindapaluc) and Facebook (Linda Paluc) is where you can find/contact/follow me. Just no date invitations please, I may have to decline them 🙂 haha!


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