From the Method movie, to Vans First layer, to The final Grindhouse flick “Afterlife, Antti Jusilla has been racking up the clips and gaining serious respect for being one of snowboardings most super stylish cats.

We’ve long been drooling over Antti’s slick skills so when the opportunity came to add this rail wizard to the team the answer was a huge “hell yeh!”.

We caught up with Antti as we welcomed him to the team earlier this year, check out the short edit and our chat below!

How did you get into snowboarding?

Antti – I went on a weekend trip to try a snowboard when I was around 10 years old with one of my oldest friend. He was already good at snowboarding so he teached me how to snowboard. After that I used to spent all the weekends and holidays snowboarding.

Who are your biggest riding influences?

I have to say themost of my friends that I ride with are big influence to me. But then there are also a lot riders that I look up like Louif, Arthur Longo,Kuzyk..

Favourite place to ride?

Ruka, Finland.

Best ever snowboard trip?

Probably of our trips to Japan. The culture is so cool and the powder out there is unreal.

The video part your most stoked on?

Probably Method Movie one video part.

Whats your plans for next winter?

There are a lot of plans but I’ll be filming in the streets in mid winter and do a Japan trip in February. There will be probably a lot more but nothing is 100% yet.

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Antti wears the Parker snow goggle, check it out here!

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