Some people get their thrills from a flowing bike park trail, others only exist to take things to the next level.

Step up Mr next level himself – Nico Vink.

Nico has been riding bikes for what seems like an eternity. A man who is utterly engrained in the sport, he is world renowned for his style on a bike (his warp speed manual skills are jaw dropping), as well as his talent and commitment to building features that keep the sport moving forward.

Just to be clear Nico is not a Melon rider, but as one of the nicest dudes in MTB, and someone who inspires the progression of the sport, we hold nothing but respect for everything he stands for.

Nico is famous for a number of creations; his Vink lines at Bike Park Chatel, Royal Hills (now Royalfest), and perhaps the most iconic of the FEST series events Loosfest.

This years instalment of LoosfestXL continues to push what’s possible on a mountain bike with some of the worlds biggest jumps carved into a hill side of the sleepy Belgian town of Malmedy.

Sit back and gasp at the video from this years event, featuring Melon team riders Joel Anderson, Theo Erlangsen and – get well soon – Adolf Silva.

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