In September 2022 Rob Warner signed off on the Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup. It had been his life for nearly 3 decades. After a turbulent racing career he transitioned into being the sports commentator. Raw and unsolicited it was the beginning of a new era of broadcasting. Through his unmatchable knowledge, enthusiasm and love of downhill he became the voice of mountain biking. Fourteen blissful years followed, the sport growing almost as quickly as Warner’s ego before at the end of 2022 the unthinkable happened. Robert Warner was no longer ‘The Voice’. To say he took it badly is an understatement. He no longer knew who he was, or why he even existed. There was only one way through it. To go to rock bottom and start again. In this candid documentary Canadian film maker Nick Van Berkel has access all areas documenting Rob as he’s never been seen before. From his most vulnerable to the start of him fighting back, this is a film sure to leave a tear in your eye.

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