Alleycat S – Bundle 1

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  • Rahmen
  • Linsen
  • Nasengummi
  • Icon
  • Frame : Coral Matte
  • Lens : Pink Chrome (trail)
  • Nasengummi : Neongelb
  • Ikone : Schwarzes Gun Metal
  • Hi-Light-Objektiv
  • Hi-Light Lens : Gold Chrome (trail)

1 x Alleycat Small Sunglasses
1 x Low-light lens
1 x Extra Zeiss hi-light lens
1 x Protective Hardcase
1 x Microfibre softbag

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Head size: Small
Gender: Unisex
Best For: Mountain Biking, Cycling, Running, Hiking
Measurements: 130mm (width) x 55mm (height) x 133mm (arm)

Das ist ganz einfach. Wenn Ihre Brille aufgrund eines Herstellungsfehlers kaputt geht, reparieren oder ersetzen wir sie kostenlos.


All the performance.
All The style.
Smaller Package.

Since launching the Alleycat and watching it rise to bestseller status, we’ve been listening to your whispers and cries.

“I love the Alleycat, it fits my friend great, but it’s just a little too big for me”

“I have a small face, will it fit me?”

Today, we put an end to this madness once and for all. The answer is YES!

YES, you’re still getting a pair of the raddest and baddest riding shades on planet earth. YES, the environment optimised lenses are still next level. YES, they will make you ride faster and most importantly

YES, they will fit if you have a smaller face!

The Alleycat S has been shrunk down by 15% vs the original bestseller, which may sound like nothing, but when you try them on, you’ll know. These are the ones. The search is over.

What are you waiting for? Go customise yours, then Go Ride Wild!

Choose your perfect lens

Awesome Clarity meets wild style

How the Lens Tech Works

Using technology developed by one of the world’s top lens manufacturers, the Alleycat features lenses from ZEISS’s Performance lens range. Developed with trail and road riding clarity in mind the performance lens range filters light to give you the optimum view of the environment ahead.

If you’re a MTB or gravel rider, you’ll want to check out our trail lenses. These are perfect for when you’re riding trees, tracks, or around vegetation, where the environment has a predominance of green and orange light that can overwhelm the eye. The trail lens filter reduces green and orange light, giving you greater clarity of the environment, improved depth perception and view of the trail like no other lens can offer.

If road is your vice, you’ll want to check out our road lenses (no surprises there!). In these environments there is a lot of neutral light reflected from the tarmac and a predominance of blue light from artificial lights that can overwhelm the eye. Our road lens filters out some of the blue light, whilst providing an equal distribution of neutral light, improving the road definition, your ability to see potential hazards and levelling up your colour balance perception.

ALLEYCAT S features


increased contrast & improved clarity for the best view of the trail or road


Schalte dein Brillenglas in Sekundenschnelle um


Stark, flexibel & leicht für absolute Selbstsicherheit


Optimiert die Luftzirkulation und reduziert das Risiko, dass die Lüftungsöffnungen blockiert werden, indem der Schaumstoff auf der Innenseite platziert wird.


Für Komfort und Stabilität


Hält Schmutz, Staub und Schweiß von Ihren Linsen fern


Schützt Ihre Augen vor schädlichen Strahlen


Die coolste und böseste Performance-Brille auf dem Planeten Erde! Wir haben den weltbesten Brillenglashersteller, jahrelange Fahrerfahrung und eine große Portion purer Coolness kombiniert, um eine Brille zu entwickeln, die gebaut wurde, um mit den Besten mitzuhalten und dabei auch noch besser auszusehen als der Rest!

The Alleycat S uses Zeiss’s proven 100 years of lens manufacturing experience to offer riders a choice of interchangeable, shatterproof, environment-specific, lenses suitable for all conditions – come rain or shine, forest single track or open mountain side trail, gravel track or open road, we’ve got a lens that’s perfect for you.

Gebaut aus superflexiblem, superzähem TR90 und mit gummiertem Nasenstück und Bügeln für ultimativen Komfort.

Worauf wartest du noch? Geh dir deine eigene anpassen! Go Ride Wild!


The Alleycat has easily interchangeable lenses. If you want to grab some extra lenses, you can do so here and if you need just an extra low light lens, you can grab it here. You can see how to change your Alleycat lens here

Die Bewertungen der Alleycat-Objektive lauten wie folgt:

Low-Light = S0 (86% VLT)
Amber = S2 (29% VLT)
Violet Chrome = S2 (25% VLT)
Red Chrome = S2 (28% VLT)
Silver Chrome = S3 (19% VLT)
Smoke = S3 (19% VLT)
Photochromic = S0 – S3 (85% – 18% VLT)

The higher the category (and lower the VLT %) the more light the lens blocks, so an S2 lens is often good for if you’re riding in varying light conditions, whilst an S3 lens will perform best if you’re mostly riding bright conditions. You can check out our in-depth video on the lenses further up this page or you can access it here.

Our photochromic lenses are not made by Zeiss, as Zeiss currently doesn’t make a photochromic lens in a shield option. However, they are from one of the worlds leading photochromic lens makers and the optical quality is also fantastic.

We offer a lightweight, low profile optical clip that connects to the Alleycat nose bridge. This can be purchased on its own or with prescription lenses from Zeiss included. You can check all of our prescription options here

The main difference is in the lens technology. The Alleycat trail lens optimises for orange/green environments whereas the snow lens filters out more blue light, as there is a predominance of this in snowy environments. As a result, you’ll get much better definition, contrast and depth perception when in the snow.



Based on 538 reviews
Adam Butler
Beautiful Riding Glasses! Top draw customer service!

Beautiful Riding Glasses! I love mine so much I ordered the S for my wife

Top draw customer service just tops it off! Thanks again keep shredding!

Garry Christoffersen
They do what it says on the box

The Melon Alleycat glasses with photochromatic lenses excel in adverse conditions, maintaining clear visibility through rain and mud. While they may fog up briefly during stops in cold weather, they quickly defog once on the move, making them a reliable choice for mountain biking.

Alleycat with photochromic lenses

Used these whilst riding a few times since purchase. Comfortable fit, lenses seem to react reasonably well to changing light conditions. Good for keeping dust, pollen and insects out of the eyes as well as mud or grit!
Have to say for the price they don't have the quality feel I would expect hence only 3 star rating. Good case and soft slip included but no cleaning cloth. Not as impressed as I thought I would be but may be swayed if they prove to be durable.....

Tolle Brille

Love these glasses. Great fit, lenses are super crisp and clear and they stay put while riding.

Gerhard Mostert
Amazing clarity

What a product, and what great service.
Clarity and comfort is amazing, im a big fan.