Kingpin Optical Clip


1 x Optical insert
1 x RX nose rubbers
1 x Microfibre pouch

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Designed with minimalism at its heart, the Kingpin optical clip allows you to enjoy the epic Zeiss experience that Melon performance sunglasses lenses are renowned for, without the need for contact lenses.

Weighing just a few grams and fitted with two rubberised disks, for a secure lens connection, our optical insert is designed to go unnoticed and works across the whole Melon performance sunglasses range. The optical clip comes complete with an additional nose rubber for improved fit and is ready to be glazed with your prescription by your optician. The optical insert can accommodate a prescription up to +6/-6.


The price is for a Kingpin optical clip and nose bridge adapter only. It is compatible with the Kingpin sunglasses which can be purchased separately here for bike and here for snow versions

This product is only for the optical clip without a prescription lens. The lens fitting will need to be done. in this case by your own optician. If you would like us to arrange everything you can order the Kingpin optical clip with prescription lenses from Zeiss hier

The optical insert can accommodate a prescription up to +6/-6.