Kingpin (RX)

Von: £230.00

  • Rahmen
  • Linsen
  • Nasengummi
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  • Rahmen : Paint Splat Matt
  • Lens : Gold Chrome (trail)
  • Nasengummi : Neongelb
  • Ikone : Schwarzes Gun Metal
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    Our low-light lenses are a customer favourite (just read the reviews!) and perfect for winter/evening rides. Add one to your pack and save over 45% off the regular price

1 x Kingpin Sunglasses
1 x Zeiss low-light lens (optional)
1 x Zeiss optical clip with your prescription
1 x Optical nose rubber
1 x Microfibre pouch

Once you've placed your order, you'll receive an email to get your prescription Zeiss inserts all sorted. We'll need a couple more details from you, which we'll send to the Zeiss lab and then have your glazed insert ready for you in around 7-10 working days.

365 days any reason returns are accepted for all products that are unused. Please note that as this product contains a prescription that is custom to you, the cost of the prescription (£100) cannot be refunded. Check out our full returns policy here.

Das ist ganz einfach. Wenn Ihre Brille aufgrund eines Herstellungsfehlers kaputt geht, reparieren oder ersetzen wir sie kostenlos.


Designed with minimalism at its heart, the Kingpin optical clip allows you to enjoy the epic Zeiss experience that our best selling performance sunglasses lenses are renowned for, without the need for contact lenses.

Weighing just a few grams and fitted with two rubberised disks, for a secure lens connection, our optical insert is designed to go unnoticed and works across the whole Melon performance sunglasses range. Our prescription service in partnership with Zeiss, gives you the full Zeiss experience through both your optical and sunglasses lens, leaving you to experience the best view from your next adventure.

Available in prescriptions +6 to -6

Choose your perfect lens

Be the boss, with ultra high definition ZEISS lenses

How the Lens Tech Works

Using technology developed by one of the world’s top lens manufacturers, the Kingpin features lenses from ZEISS’s Performance lens range. Developed with trail and road riding clarity in mind the performance lens range filters light to give you the optimum view of the environment ahead.

If you’re a MTB or gravel rider, you’ll want to check out our trail lenses. These are perfect for when you’re riding trees, tracks, or around vegetation, where the environment has a predominance of green and orange light that can overwhelm the eye. The trail lens filter reduces green and orange light, giving you greater clarity of the environment, improved depth perception and view of the trail like no other lens can offer.

If road is your vice, you’ll want to check out our road lenses (no surprises there!). In these environments there is a lot of neutral light reflected from the tarmac and a predominance of blue light from artificial lights that can overwhelm the eye. Our road lens filters out some of the blue light, whilst providing an equal distribution of neutral light, improving the road definition, your ability to see potential hazards and levelling up your colour balance perception.

KingPin Merkmale


increased contrast & improved clarity for the best view of the trail or road


Schalte dein Brillenglas in Sekundenschnelle um


Stark, flexibel & leicht für absolute Selbstsicherheit


Optimiert die Luftzirkulation und reduziert das Risiko, dass die Lüftungsöffnungen blockiert werden, indem der Schaumstoff auf der Innenseite platziert wird.


Für Komfort und Stabilität


Hält Schmutz, Staub und Schweiß von Ihren Linsen fern


Experten für High Performance Eyewear


Schützt Ihre Augen vor schädlichen Strahlen

Über die Kingpin

Mit der Kingpin-Reitbrille sind Sie in Sachen Leistung und Stil ganz vorne mit dabei.

Built to boss the trail and road, the Kingpin takes our market-leading ZEISS lenses and pairs them with a full-frame design guaranteeing style on and off the bike.

So großartige Gläser verdienen eine entsprechende Rahmentechnologie, und die Kingpin überzeugt mit ihrem Hyperflex-Rahmen aus superstabilem, flexiblem und leichtem TR90.

Die Hypergrip-Nase und -Spitzen sind so konzipiert, dass sie auch in schwierigem Gelände fest an ihrem Platz bleiben.

Head out and boss your next ride with the Kingpin featuring ZEISS lenses.



Based on 8 reviews
rob paul
Great riding glasses and top service.

Great product. First riding glasses with prescription inserts that I've tried that don't fog up as soon as you strop moving! Red Chrome lenses give strong contrast in mid to low light levels - can see them being my go to lens for most rides.

Paul Austin
Great service and great glasses

WOW, super comfy, vision is excellent and the Zeiss inserts are superb. Why didn’t I get them years ago?

Kim Reilly
Husband gift

My Husband loved this gift and said they were amazing when he took them out riding this weekend !

Richard Oliver
Great service, great vision

After riding with disposable contact lenses and imperfect vision for years I decided it was time for a better and more environmentally friendly solution. I’m delighted with both the sunglasses and prescription insert. The purchase process was easy and the help I received from the Melon team during the purchase was amazing.

Michael Boyes
Amazing glasses

I’ve always stuck with Jublo for my mountain bike glasses as getting the right fit in prescription inserts is hard, these are the best I have found to date, the lifetime warranty really swung it for me too. After sales service has been fantastic, the whole product is fantastic