Boost the airflow with Turbovent

(made to order until 9pm GMT Sunday 4th Dec)

Sweaty mess? Want rad retro looks and the clearest fog free view possible? Turbovents are the answer 🤘

The Alleycat, Kingpin and Alleycat S have all been given a boost with Turboventing, which cranks up airflow across the inside of the lens for the clearest view you’ve ever experienced.

There’s a catch though – we don’t know if we’ll make these lenses again. We might, but we also may just leave this as a one off. so whoever bags them this week could be the only ones to get a set (bask in smugness if that ends up being you).

These bad boys are made to order and we’ll start making them first thing Monday morning, so if you want a set your order must be placed by Friday 2nd December, 9pm GMT (22:00 CET / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST). Head Honcho lens maker in Italy said we can have a couple more days as long as he has the order when he gets to work Monday 💪. So if you missed out, the new and final deadline is

Sunday 4th December, 9pm GMT (22:00 CET / 16:00 EST / 13:00 PST)

Available as lens only or as a full set!

if you’ve got a fogged up view don’t hypervent(ilate) – Turbovent!

Passen Sie Ihr Modell an

Passen Sie Ihr Modell an

Passen Sie Ihr Modell an