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So stoked

5 Star Review

I’ve tried out various lesser known brands over the years to try and support smaller businesses but the quality and comfort has never measured up. Finally changed with the alleycat. Look awesome, unlikely so see the same combo, and actually so comfortable. Really psyched with the purchase.

Bobby D.

Your new
favourite shades

5 Star Review

The market is flooded with variations on the same sunglasses but I genuinely believe these are the best. They look great, the customisation options on the website are fun and allow you to choose exactly how loud or low-key you want, they stay planted on your face over really rough ground, and the best thing is the low light lens which is perfect for going through woods etc.

Amy R.


5 Star Review

I purchased the Alleycats for both mountain and gravel biking. They are superb for both! They are comfortable. They don’t jostle around your face. They stay planted even through the rock gardens.

Michael T.

Why ride Melon?

Trail Optimised Lens by Zeiss

Experience improved depth perception and unmatched clarity with our trail optimised tints technology. Giving you a view like no other lens can offer.

for Life

Our motto of “Sick Products. Sick Vibes” runs deep. It’s not just a tagline! If your sunglasses break due to a manufacturing defect, we’ll repair or replace them. No questions asked.

Fully Customisable

Fit in or…don’t fit in. Whatever look you’re going for, we’ve got you covered with thousands of different custom combinations.

Epic Low light

Optional with every set is our revolutionary Zeiss low light lens. Bring the trail alive on dull days.

“Worked like a charm”

The Zeiss generated “Trail” optics worked like a charm, offering clarity and just the right amount of contrast, even in flat light.

Pb PinkBike Logo

“Stayed put over rough terrain”

I found the glasses stayed put over very rough terrain, not bouncing around or requiring any readjustment once set to position. I didn’t feel the need to readjust them at all, even after long periods wearing them.

Bike Radar Logo

“Top in terms of clarity”

I have tested a massive pile of riding glasses and these quickly rose to the top in terms of clarity, coverage, and looks.

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