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Taking Care of Your Goggles

The feeling of putting on your new Melon goggles for the first time is always a great one – the optical clarity, precision and depth-perception of looking through one of the most rewarding goggles in the action sports industry is simply unrivalled. Just thinking about being on the hill and enjoying this enlightening visual experience gives us butterflies in our stomach, and we know how important it is to maintain this feeling throughout every riding session you have. That’s why we wanted to share with you a simple guide that will ensure your Melon’s will always look as good as the first day you shredded in them.

Keep Your Melon’s at the Top of their Game

While you’d struggle to break our goggles if you tried, it’s important to take care of them to maximise performance and longevity. When not in use, keep your goggles inside your microfibre Melon goggle bag to give your goggles extra protection. If you have a Melon hardcase, this is ideal for storing your goggles while travelling or safekeeping between seasons. Haven’t got a Melon hardcase? Check it out HERE.

Melon goggles have been designed to withstand every extreme environment, whether that is snow, dirt, water or whatever else Mother Nature can throw at us. Our lenses have been specifically built to block glare, heighten contrast and offer optical clarity on the mountain, giving you a superior visual experience. Because of this, these lenses must be treated with special care to avoid scratching, using mild soap and water only. Make sure to clean your goggles with your Melon microfibre goggle bag, as anything else (paper tissue, clothing or other abrasive materials) can grind dust into lenses leaving scratches. Be wary that lotions (such as sunscreen) can damage the coating on the lens and frame. We recommend washing your Melon goggle bag regularly to ensure a thorough wipe-down is achievable.

To minimise fogging when you are on the mountain, keep the goggles on your face. Resting your goggles on your forehead or hat reduces the efficiency of the ventilation ports, while exposing moisture vapour from perspiration and melting snow to the goggle interior.

Wiping Down Your Lens

Getting snow or water inside your lens is about as much fun as wiping out on the mountain, which unfortunately is usually the cause of it! It’s really important to wipe down your lens correctly to ensure that they remain in perfect condition as you continue to shred the pow.

  1. Give your goggles a good shake-down to make sure you get rid of all the excess snow, and make sure all the ventilation ports and lens vents are clear.
  2. Dab your Melon microfibre bag on the lens to eradicate any remaining moisture. DO NOT RUB THE LENS WHEN WET OR FROZEN! The anti-fog coating is on your inner lens, and wiping this could wipe away the coating. Make sure to dab the inner lens or leave to dry naturally.
  3. Air running through the vents will help dry the goggles, so once you have put them back on keep moving to reduce any moisture residue.

Changing Your Lens

It’s important to clean and dry your hands before switching lenses, and make sure to use care during the process so you don’t damage or scratch the lens.

Removing a lens:

  1. Hold the frame at the top and bottom and gently pull the top of the frame away from the lens.
  2. Once you have separated the top of the lens from the frame, gently pull the lens out from sides, before removing the frame completely from the bottom.

Inserting a lens:

  1. Starting at the nose of the frame, align the lens with the lower groove of the frame. Once this is lined up, push the lens into the groove.
  2. Once the lens is properly in the lower groove, continue inserting the lens at the sides of the frame, making sure the lens is fully inserted into the groove of the frame.
  3. Once the lens is properly inserted into the nose and sides of the frame, align the top of the frame with the lens, pushing the lens into the groove from the sides and working your way inwards until you complete the insertion at the top centre of the frame.
  4. Give the goggles a final check to make sure the lens are correctly set in the frame and then you are all set! Time to enjoy the shred.

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