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Melon is an independent brand made up of hard working, shred loving, outside of the box kind of people.

We truly love the products we make and the brand we build. We can’t get enough of the sports we craft our products to perform in, and we cheers a beer to anyone who makes the choice to rock our eyewear for their adventures.
Based from wherever we feel is right for our soul, we collaborate remotely, and use our many friends across the world to help us in testing and approving our performance products before they reach your face.
Join us in seeing things differently, and take creative control of your eyewear.

Alleycat Features

One piece outrigger

An industry first, giving superior fit and even pressure distribution across the face

Triple layer face foam

Superior sweat absorption plus an ultra soft lining for Incredible comfort

Rip n roll compatible

Be prepared for all conditions with an official XL Rip N Roll (sold separately)



About The Parker (MTB)

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Everything you need in a goggle and none of the crap you don’t

The raddest and baddest pair of performance riding shades on planet earth! We combined the world’s best lens manufacturer, years of riding experience, and a heavy dose of pure radness to create a pair of glasses that are built to perform with the best whilst looking better than the rest!

The Alleycat uses Zeiss’s proven 100 years of lens manufacturing experience to offer riders a choice of interchangeable, shatterproof, trail specific, lenses suitable for all conditions – come rain or shine, forest single track or open mountain side trail, we’ve got a lens that’s perfect for you.

Built from super flex, super tough TR90, and featuring a rubberised nose piece and arms for ultimate comfort.

What our customers say

Great Googles, great service

Diablo goggles are really comfortable to wear and the customisable elements mean you have great flexibility – I can change the lenses for night riding or any of the frame parts so it matches my gear. Awesome buy and great service from Melon!

David D
Verified buyer

10/10 Would recommend

I was off my face when I bought these and I am glad I did! Second Melon purchase and they are better then I thought they would be. Certainly won’t be my last. Very quick delivery too!

Jon D
Verified buyer