SHADES OF LOVE – share the stoke

Melon has teamed up with eyewear charity Shades of Love (SOL) to bring free sunglasses to communities living at the top of the world! In these areas harsh UV rays and ozone holes mean 80% of the population suffer from eye diseases, inhibiting their ability to work and provide for the community. SOL’s mission is to change this forever.

One for One

For every pair of sunglasses purchased we will provide a pair of our 100% UV protection Layback sunglasses for Shades of Love to distribute to people who need eyesight protection in the Himilayas.

Every time a pair of Melon sunglasses is bought a pair of shades is sent to Shades of Love

The Shades of Love team stores the sunglasses at their base in Germany

Once a year the team travel to the Himilayas where they hand out the sunglasses

Who are Shades of Love?

Fuelled by an eye opening trip to the Himalayas, SOL was founded by Juergen Altmann in 2009 after discovering that 80% of the local people suffered from eye diseases and cancers, inhibiting their ability to work and provide to the local economy. As a result whole communities are being forced to move into the valleys and cities, unraveling centries of culture and customs. Juergen decided that it was something he was going to help change.

From what started as backroom project, SOL have now helped over 100,000 victims of intense sun radiation across the Himalayas, Andes and Nepal by providing sunglasses as well as educating locals on methods to deal with increasing UV radiation and coping with the consequences. They’re only just getting started and we’re stoked to be partnering with SOL to help preserve communities, culture and health in some the worlds gnarliest regions!


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