ANVIL (Carl Zeiss Lens)



Inspired by the long arduous roads to far away shores, salty sunburnt faces and bloodshot eyes from long days at sea, the Anvil epitomises the notion that those who invest time in the journey, reap the rewards.

Hand crafted with Zyl acetate, and featuring enhanced optics by Carl Zeiss, these are some of the highest quality sunglasses on the market at price that won’t leave you broke.  Inspired by the lifestyles we live,  our “Premium” range sunglasses were made to enhance the journeys and adventures you undertake.

Every pair of our “Premium” sunglasses come with a Premium semi-hard case.

Check out our TECH page HERE  to see a break down of all the benefits of the “Premium” range

Melon Optics Anvil Sunglasses Size Guide

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