Red Chrome Pro Lens

Diablo Lens Pro – CHrome Bundle


Level up your Diablo with a PRO lens. These lenses are leading the industry when it comes to visual clarity and with lens categories ranging from 1 to 3, we’ve got you covered for all conditions 🤘

Each Diablo PRO lens features Zeiss’ signature RiPel coating which keeps dirt, sweat and raindrops at bay and antifog coating!

The Diablo PRO lens ratings are as follows:

Amber = S2 (29% VLT)
Violet Chrome = S2 (25% VLT)
Red Chrome = S2 (28% VLT)
Silver Chrome = S3 (19% VLT)
Smoke = S3 (19% VLT)

The higher the category (and lower the VLT %) the more light the lens blocks, so an S0 lens is great if you’re usually riding in a clear lens, an S2 lens is often good for if you’re riding in varying light conditions, whilst an S3 lens will perform best if you’re mostly riding bright conditions