Parker / Diablo Rip’n’roll kit


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Compatible with both Diablo and Parker goggles, our 36mm XL MTB/MX Rip’n’Roll system keeps your vision clear so you can concentrate on riding – Not your goggles 🤘 Each pack includes: – 2 x Roll off Films – 1 x Mud Flap – 1 x Rip’n’Roll Roll off system – 1 x Roll Off Lens with raised strip


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samuel prescott
Melon rip n roll

Bought the system one week before going to nevis range and they came in useful, after a morning of sun the afternoon was horrible rained for a good two hours this was the perfect time to have the rip n roll system made it perfect to ride in while not having the mess left behind from tare off's. Most goggles with the use of rip n rolls minimise your vision, the melon ones tho just perfect no massive vision loss for the conditions these are used in. Last point is they don't stick out to far had a crash on the firs run of the day and they held up perfectly helmet took a few scratches but goggles held up perfect job lads

mr j j cook

Absolutely love the rip and roll it’s easy to fit and great value for money, couldn’t ask for much more.

DAVE Horsfall

Rip'n'Roll Lens System (Parker / Diablo)