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Shred Socks


M40 – 436 – 8.5
L44 – 489 – 11.5

Elevate your adventures to new heights with the all-new Melon Optics Shred Socks. Crafted with our exclusive Shred blend, these socks are optimised for performance and comfort, making them the perfect companion whether you’re conquering trails or simply kicking back.

  • Shred Blend – Optimised for Performance & Comfort: Enjoy the perfect mix of performance and comfort, ensuring your feet stay in peak condition during every activity.
  • Shred Fit – Optimised for Performance & Comfort: These socks offer a secure fit that stays in place while providing the freedom of movement you need for any adventure.
  • Shred Protection – Cushioned Heel: Your feet deserve the best protection, and our cushioned heel design is here to absorb shocks and keep you comfortable through any high-impact moments.
  • 360 Arch Support: With 360 arch support, you’ll find the ideal balance between stability and flexibility, ensuring that your feet are ready to take on the world.

Gear up with the Melon Shred Socks and experience the ultimate in comfort and performance – your feet will thank you!