CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR UK CUSTOMERS ONLY! (these are too big to ship internationally)

One of the best selling products at our events this summer (oh the irony!) and our most requested product in our DMs is now available to grab online too 🤘

Forget the days of struggling with small, ineffective umbrellas. Our giant, loud umbrellas flip a middle finger to the stormy skies, inviting them to the impossible challenge of getting you wet. So whether you’re hitting the city or the country, you’re covered for all your rainy day adventures!

Why trust us to keep you dry:

  • Huge Size: Offers exceptional coverage to keep you completely dry, even in heavy rain and strong winds.
  • Striking Designs: Let’s face it, this is a head turner and people are going to queuing up to know where you got it!
  • Comfortable Grip: Equipped with a soft-feel handle, ensuring a comfortable and secure hold during extended use.
  • Auto Open: Loaded and ready to go with the press of a button
  • Robust Construction: Built to with a composite shaft to withstand harsh weather conditions, including strong winds, without flipping inside out.

There’s no bad weather, just bad equipment right? Go grab one and get out there.