High Definition optics with new Zeiss Sonar lens technology

Step into a world of unrivalled clarity with our new Sonar lens, developed in partnership with Zeiss, world leaders in optical technology.

Sonar lenses use a unique patented optical filter to keep the gnarly rays out and let the good rays in, giving incredible contrast and depth perception through a diverse range of weather conditions.

You’ll never beat having a specialised lens for each weather condition, but if you’re looking for a single lens that comes pretty close to doing it all, your answer may well be here. High fives all round!

How Sonar Works

Sonar Lens - Blue Light

Blue light is filtered allowing the optimum spectrum to reach your eyes.

Sonar Lens - Improved

The filtered blue light delivers brightened snow details, improved contrast, and boosted depth perception through the lens.

Ride in HD

The terrain is clearer and crisper allowing you to enjoy the ride in HD!